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Application Guidelines

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■Applicant Eligibility: Open to all nationalities, ages and professional levels
■Application Charge: Free
  1. Works must be primarily composed of glass.
  2. No limitations on genre or function of submitted works.
  3. Works must be made from 2016 onward.
  4. Works which have already been submitted to other competitions will not be accepted.
  5. Number of works: Each applicant (individual or group) may submit up to two works.
  6. Size of work: Total of the width, depth and height must not exceed 240 centimeters.
  7. If the work is an installation, the floor area and height must not be exceed 9㎡ and 3.3m respectively.
  8. Weight of works: Total weight must be less than 100 kilograms (220lb).
  9. The artist must provide any special tools required to install their work.

Application Period

■Open Call for Entries
Fri., September 1, 2017
(Information is released at 0:00 on the website.)
■Application Deadline
Tue., March 20, 2018
Online entry applications submitted through the website must be received by midnight on March 20, 2018 (Japan time).
Entry applications sent by mail must arrive not later than March 20, 2018.
*As the deadline approaches, it may become difficult to access our website due to increased applicant traffic. We appreciate your early entry.

Judging Panel

【First judgement  (based on digital images of the works)】
Thur., April 26, 2018
■Judging Panel
Atsushi Takeda
Visiting Professor at Tama Art University
Art Critic
Nobuyuki Fujiwara
Chair of Japan Glass Art Crafts Association
Professor at Tokyo University of The Arts Vice Dean
Yoko Imai
Curator of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Ruriko Tsuchida
Associate Chief Curator of Suntory Museum of Arts
Koji Yukiyama
Director of Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design
Ryoji Shibuya
Director of Toyama Glass Art Museum
【Second judgement (based on actual works)】Sat., June 30 & Sun., July 1, 2018
■Judging Panel
Atsushi Takeda
Visiting Professor at Tama Art University
Art Critic
Masaki Yanagihara
Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art, Japan
Director of The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Yuji Akimoto
Director/Professor of The University Arts Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts
Art Critic
Zhang Lin
Executive Director and President
Shanghai Museum of Glass
Milan Hlaveš
Mgr., Ph.D., Glass, Ceramics and Porcelain Collections, Head of Department,Curator of Modern and Contemporary Glass, Ceramics and Porcelain Collections at The Museum of Decorative Arts (UPM) in Prague, Czech Republic
Benjamin Cobb
Hot Shop Manager/ Lead Gaffer
Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA, USA
Junji Ito
Honorary Director of Toyama Glass Art Museum
Professor of Tokyo University of The Arts
Art Critic
*In no special order


Grand Prize
3,000,000 JPY (1 work)
Gold Prize
1,000,000 JPY (1 work)
Silver Prize
200,000 JPY (5 works)
The Grand Prize and Gold Prize, the works shall be donated to The Toyama Glass Art Museum.
Prizes are subject to taxation.

Application Entry

■Online Entry
  • Please use the application form on the exhibition website and fill in all blanks.
  • Three digital images of an applied work (taken from different angles) and one photo portrait of the applicant must be attached.
  • All the digital images must be in JPEG format (2MB - 10MB, 300-350dpi, longest side should be about 20cm *approximately 2000×3000 pixel).
■Submission by Postal Mail
  • Please download and complete the application form.
  • Please save three digital images of each work (taken from different angles) and one portrait image of the applicant on a CD-R disk.
  • Please write the applicant’s name on the CD-R disk. All of the digital images saved on the CD-R disk must be in JPEG format (2MB-10MB, 300-350dpi, longest side should be about 20cm, *approximately 2000×3000 pixel).
  • File names of the digital images must start with 01, 02 or 03. The 01 digital image of all finalists will be used for the exhibition catalogue.
  • Please send the application form and the digital image data CD-R disk to the address below:
    Secretariat office of The Executive Committee of The Toyama International Glass Exhibition
    5-1 Nishicho, Toyama City, Toyama 930-0062, Japan
  • Submitted documents and CD-R will not be returned.
  • Note:
    Please be careful to save digital images in the right orientation.
    The executive committee is not liable for any incorrect images on the exhibition catalogue caused by erroneous file names or incorrect orientations.


■First Judgement
In the first judgement, submitted digital images and application items are screened on April 26, 2018.
【Result Announcement】
  • Results of the first judgement will be announced on the exhibition website.
  • Applicants who pass the first judgement will receive notification by e-mail and postal mail.
  • Along with the result notification, “Request for Exhibition” and “Exhibition Agreement” forms will be sent to the successful applicants. Applicants who agree to exhibit their works shall complete and return the forms by the date stated in the request for exhibition.
【Shipment of Works】
  • Please send selected works to the address stated in the “Request for Exhibit” form by the stated date.
  • Please pack selected works in a durable storage box or case sturdy enough to protect the work from damage during shipping.
  • The cost of shipping and insuring works to the exhibition venue shall be paid by the applicants.
  • When a work is unpacked, if any works are damaged during shipping, the secretariat of the executive committee shall inform the applicant. Such a case shall be handled and settled by applicants and the artworks carrier they used.
  • For the judgement and exhibition, works will be installed according to the submitted digital images. If there is a specific request for work installation, please attach the specifications.
  • The works that will be sent to the second judgement will be “Selected Works”. If the submitted images are different from the actual work, the work will be disqualified and will not be judged.
<The following applies only to overseas applicants>
  • On the premise that all works will be returned to exhibitors after the exhibition is over, customs are cleared for all works submitted from outside Japan.
  • Do not use wood packing materials other than plywood.
  • Customs clearance takes time. Please consider this required time so that your work will arrive by the fixed due date.
  • The cost of shipping and insurance for the work from exhibitor’s closest international airport to an international airport in Japan (Narita International Airport (tentative)) shall be paid by the exhibitor.
  • Expenses for custom clearance at an international airport in Japan (Narita International Airport (tentative)) and transportation cost within Japan shall be paid by the executive committee.
  • Please correctly complete the INVOICE. If there are any omissions, customs might not be cleared.
■Second Judgement
The second judgement will be conducted with the actual works on June 30 and July 1, 2018.
  • The prize-winning works will be determined during the second judgement.
■Second Judgement Result Announcement and Review Meeting
On July 1, 2018, a review meeting will be held in which prize-winning works are announced.
  • The results will be posted on the exhibition website, and will be provided to the media, to major art, design and craft organizations in Japan, and to international glass magazines.
  • All exhibitors will also be notified of the results by postal mail.
  • All works selected in the first judgement and submitted for the second judgement will be exhibited at the Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2018.
  • Venue: Toyama Glass Art Museum
  • Period: September 15 - November 25, 2018


  • Pictures of all works submitted to second judgement will be printed in the exhibition catalogue.

Management of Works

  • The executive committee will insure all exhibited works for the duration of the event, from acceptance to return. The works will be treated with utmost care when unpacked and installed for the exhibition by an artworks carrier designated by the executive committee. However, the executive committee does not assume compensation liability to exhibitors if unexpected occurrences result in the damage or loss of any artworks.
  • For correct insurance coverage, please value your work.
  • Each exhibitor retains the intellectual property rights with respect to his/her work.
  • However, use of the intellectual property rights with respect to each work is stipulated as follows:
    • The executive committee can use the intellectual property rights with respect to exhibits for public relations (PR) activities and the exhibition.
    • The executive committee can use digital images of works and photo portraits submitted by exhibitors for PR activities, including issuing an exhibition catalogue, postcards, posters and fliers, and for posting on the website and SNS. Those digital images may also be provided to media for public relations (PR) activities.
    • No limit is set for duration of use of the intellectual property rights with respect to each exhibited work.
    • The executive committee can photograph works selected in the first judgement and use the images as stated above.
    • Photography, shooting videos, and copies inside the exhibition will only be allowed for news coverage by media, PR activities and recording by the executive committee.

Return of Works

  • For return of works submitted from within Japan, the executive committee will consign them to artworks carrier and will pay the cost of shipping and insurance.
<The following is applied only to overseas exhibitors>
  • Regarding the return of works to overseas exhibitors, the executive committee shall pay expenses for customs clearance, shipping and insurance to return each work to a designated international airport within each exhibitor’s country.
  • Each exhibitor must pay the cost of customs clearance into their own country and shipping from the international airport to his/her house to receive their work.
  • If a work cannot be returned due to its exhibitor’s disagreement to pay expenses for customs clearance in his/her country and/or transportation from the international airport in his/her country to their house, the work will be disposed of.
  • In the case where a work, sent from overseas, is shipped to a location within Japan, the executive committee shall pay expenses for transportation and insurance for the work.
  • Works will be returned in approximately two months of the exhibition’s conclusion.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Personal information provided by applicants shall be used for purposes related to this exhibition (e.g., communications needed for operations, announcements of judging results, shipping of documents, communicating information about the exhibition, statistical work and so on).

Additional Rules

  • Any matters not stipulated herein shall be decided by the organizer as needs arise.


  • Please send all inquiries in English or Japanese.
  • We will not be able to reply to lengthy inquiry letters. Please limit inquiries to an A4 size page length.
  • Please allow one to two weeks for our reply. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • We shall not answer inquiries regarding the outcomes of the judgement or awarding processes.