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Toyama International Glass Exhibition
The TOYAMA INTERNATIONAL GLASS EXHIBITION is an open-call international triennial competition that showcases the outstanding works of contemporary glass art from around the world. The first competition and exhibition were held in 2018. This year, the second competition attracted 1,126 entries from fifty-one countries and regions all over the world. The next triennial are going to be held 2024.

Contemporary glass art originates from a new art movement in former Czechoslovakia in the 1950s and the United States in the 1960s, in which glass is used as a material for artistic expression. Since turning of the twenty-first century, the world of contemporary glass art has become more active and attractive, and at the same time, and the realm of its expression has expanded. We expect this exhibition will showcase the transition of perspectives in this form of artistic expression, so please eyewitness really “contemporary” glass art works and enjoy exploring their infinite possibilities.

We also wish the TOYAMA INTERNATIONAL GLASS EXHIBITION 2021 will be an opportunity to establish “Glass Art City, Toyama” as the global center for contemporary glass art.