Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Based on “Toyama City Regulations Pertaining to the Protection of Personal Information,” the official website of the Toyama International Glass Exhibition (herein “this Website”) properly maintains and manages collection, use and management of personal information and strives to create a website that can be used safely by viewers.

● Definition of personal information

It is information that can identify individuals such as addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses and so on collected by the Secretariat Office of the Executive Committee of the Toyama International Glass Exhibition (herein “the Committee”).

● Collection and use of personal information

When this Website collects personal information, we notify viewers beforehand the purposes and methods, etc. of collecting such information and we collect personal information within the necessary range. When we use such information, we only use them within the scope agreed upon collection and we shall not use them for purposes other than agreed. When personal information submitted to the Committee is to be changed (e.g. change of address, etc.) or when the viewer wants to have his/her personal information deleted, the Committee shall revise, update or delete the provided personal information.

*In such cases, please contact us at

● Management of personal information

Site administrator shall take strict measures to manage the collected personal information and takes appropriate steps to prevent leakage, misuse, alteration and so on of the information. The Committee shall not share the collected personal information with third parties unless we receive permission from the owner of the information, or unless we are requested by law, or unless we commission information processing services that require provision of personal information.

● Collection of personal information through business consignment

When the Committee commissions information processing services that require provision of personal information, we set up rules for keeping personal information secret, rules about recommission, responsibility assignment when accidents happen, return and erasure of personal information when the contract is over, and we follow those rules.

● Disclosure of personal information

The provided personal information shall not be disclosed to a third party unless we have permission from the owner of the information or when there is a legitimate reason such as enforcement of law. When we receive a legal request from the court of justice, police, consumer information center and other organizations having equivalent authority, we disclose the information accordingly. When we commission data processing services of personal information, we oblige them not to leak or re-provide the personal information and have them comply with the contract under strict management. When the Committee receives email or filled-in inquiry form, we may transfer the message to related departments of Toyama City for relevant answers and contents.

● Security

The Committee strives to safely manage and operate this Website and continues to take appropriate physical and electronic measures to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of personal information.

● Compliance and continuous improvement of management system of personal information

We comply with laws and norms that apply to the owned personal information, and we continue to appropriately review our efforts to the above-mentioned articles and improve them.