Site policy

Site policy

The official website of the Toyama International Glass Exhibition (herein “this Website”) is administered by the Secretariat Office of the Executive Committee of the Toyama International Glass Exhibition (herein “the Committee”). Please read each of the following articles and follow them when using this Website.

● About copyrights and trademarks

Copyrights to text, illustrations, photographs, videos, software, etc. on this Website belong to the Committee or third parties and are protected by copyright laws and international treaties. Except for personal use that is allowed under the copyright law, use of a part or whole of the copyrighted information or use of modified copyrighted information (including replication, reprinting, diversion from original purposes, communicating to the public) are not allowed without prior consent of the owner of the copyrighted item. Also, the trademarks, logos, firm names and so on included in this Website are protected by trademark laws and other laws and shall not be used without consent of the Committee except for cases allowed by the corresponding laws.

● Exception clauses

The Committee makes sufficient examination and confirmation of uploaded information on this Website, but it shall not warrant any completeness, usefulness, accuracy, etc. of the information. The Committee shall not be held responsible for any damage incurred by the viewer’s use of these information. Please note that the Committee may change or delete contents on this Website without notice.

● About links

1 ) Things to note when visiting other sites linked to this Website:

You can visit other websites from this Website through links and banners. Other linked websites, however, are not administered by the Committee. The Committee shall not be held responsible for any content on other linked sites.

2 ) Things to note when visiting this Website through links from other sites:

When this Website is linked from other sites, the URL must be the top page of this Website in principle. It is not allowed to directly link internal pages of this Website. The Committee does not warrant or recommend any content, products, services, etc. included in such linked websites (herein “linked websites”). Also note that the Committee and companies, etc. that administer such linked websites are not in any special relationship such as being affiliated or having business connections.

The Committee firmly refuses links from following websites:

  • websites having contents intended to slander or damage impartiality of the Committee or other companies (persons) or organizations.
  • websites that infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights, assets, privacy, and other rights including portrait rights of the Committee and other companies (persons) and organizations.
  • websites having frame(s) in which this Website is displayed so that it is unclear whether the content belongs to this Website and it may give a false impression to third parties. (When a website is linked to this Website, the window shall be completely switched to this Website, or a new window is opened in which this Website is displayed.)
  • websites that give a false impression that the Committee is in some partnership or in cooperative relationship with them, or the Committee recognizes them or supports them.
  • Other than the above-mentioned websites, conducts that violate ordinances and public policies including laws, regulations and rules, and websites that may obstruct the administration of services offered by this Website.

3 ) Please note that the Committee shall not be in any way held responsible for damages and complaints related to such links.

● Recommended environment

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[ Plugin ]

To see PDF files on this Website, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader by Adobe KK.

[ JavaScript ]

This Website uses JavaScript so that it improves user experience. If JavaScript is disabled on your JavaScript settings, this Website might not function properly or might not be displayed properly.

[ CSS ]

Some pages of this Website are constructed by using the technology of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In order to display pages properly, please enable CSS.

● Use of collected information of viewers

[ Collection of access data ]

Statistical tool is used for some pages on this Website to obtain the trend of viewers’ accesses. The collected access data are used to improve usefulness for viewers and to maintain and improve the quality of this Website.

[ Cookie ]

A cookie is used to make it easier for you to use this Website when you revisit it. The cookie is recorded on your computer when you visit this Website. The recorded information, however, does not include personal information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses. If you do not want to use a cookie, you can block the use of cookie in the settings of your browser. In that case, please note that our services might not function properly.

[ Security ]

On this Website, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted communications is used for some services. To use such services, your web browser needs to be compatible with SSL. By using the web browser that is compatible with SSL, personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers that are input will be automatically encrypted for transmissions. Please note that such pages may not be usable due to the settings of Firewall and so on.

[ Protection of personal information ]

For details of protection of personal information, please refer to Privacy Policy.